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  • cwgforparents.com

    This film is a beautiful representation of the Universe and our place within it. It ponders the questions “Who Am I?” and “Why am I here?” Filled with breathtaking images and music it encourages us to explore ourselves, our souls and our role in the universe. Guided by commentary from philosophers, authors, teachers and artists, (including Kute Blackson, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, and Susan Shumsky) the film will assist you in awakening to Who You Really Are. The “3 Magic Words” which are revealed toward the end of the film may feel like a bit of a surprise to you; yet at the same time they will feel like a mantra your soul has been repeating over and over and over again. Parents will enjoy the message and will be excited to share it with their children. Children will love the imagery and even though some of it might seem “too complicated” compared to what we believe our children can understand, they remember more than we realize and they will feel the truth, the love and comfort of the “3 Magic Words.” This movie will fill you with hope, empowerment, trust in yourself and a deeper understanding of your connection to the source! It will also be a great vehicle to open family discussions about life, connectedness, and love/God/Source/The All! **As always, we encourage you to preview material prior to sharing with your children. At the beginning of this film there is some content which alludes to drugs, alcohol and possible self-harm – which is used as a vehicle to open the discussion about why it is important to know who you really are, what you are here for, and challenges you might face. However, this portion is short lived and does not in this writer’s opinion detract from the entire film. You may choose though, depending on the age of your child, to fast forward through this part if you feel it is too heavy of content for your child. by Emily A. Filmore

  • Whole Life times Oct/Nov 2012

    3 Magic Words starts with an interesting concept. If you woke up in a hospital having lost your memory and had no clue about your life, your first question would be, “Who am I?” You would know you exist, but not much more. With that as its basis, the film sets off to explore who we are. There is definitely food for thought in this movie, though the many special effects at times at times blur the lines about what is real. Are we in a dream? A meditation? An altered state? And perhaps that is the director’s intention. There are dream sequences of an addiction-prone woman searching for her higher self by connecting with nature—smelling flowers, wandering along the beach, watching the sunset—and meditating. And everything has a golden glow, as if what we’re watching has been touched by the hand of some higher power. We hear plenty of wisdom offered by authors, scientists, spiritual mentors and even a couple of kids—out of the mouths of babes. Each expounds his or her own thoughts and opinions on the divinity within us and the relationship of humans to nature and the cosmos. All readily share their “astounding discoveries,” those aha moments when something previously elusive suddenly makes everything fall into place. And that is, indeed, the takeaway from this film: those life-changing discoveries that redirect our lives. The film delivers on its promise of the three magic words you need to know to radically shift your life, bring you peace and compassion, and let you reprogram your subconscious. So sit back, relax, and allow the New Age soundtrack to wash over you as you take it all in. —Suzanne Jakes

  • Get Enchanted by Three Magic Words

    If three words could change your life completely, what might they be? This is the question asked and answered by the movie, "Three Magic Words," a groundbreaking independent film which will be screened in Maui this Wednesday, December 8th, at 8 pm. The film will be presented by its producers, Michael Perlin and Maura Hoffaman, at the breathtakingly beautiful Sacred Earth Temple located at 4505 Hana Highway in Haiku. You can watch the trailer for the film at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToynNgMBJgY&feature=share Three Magic Words follows in the vein of its self-empowerment predecessors such as "The Secret". It features interviews from metaphysical rockstars Nassim Haramein, Kute Blackson, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, Ishmael Tetteh, Jasmuheen, Lou Corona, Gudni Gudnason and more. Debbie Ford Inspired by U.S. Anderson's book, also dubbed "Three Magic Words," the film unites concepts of quantum physics, philosophy, geometry and archeology with breakthrough insights on the nature of consciousness as it applies to everyday life. It teaches us how to take our daily existence to the next level of potentiality, using new tools and insights that have been shrouded with misinformation and rhetoric for thousands of years. To learn more about the vision, the film, and the interviewees, go to www.threemagicwordsmovie.com Michael Perlin, the film's producer and founding visionary, explained, I began working on the movie in 2007. I was searching for something that was so simple and so easy to understand and tied together all the spiritual teachings from all cultures. What resulted was a journey to create the medicine that would guide his own path, and help others in the process. "My hope is that people can take away from this film a way to live a better, happier life. To understand who they are and why they are here. I always say that religion divides and spirituality unites. This movie is about self-realization and using the power to change yourself and the world. Maura Hoffman, the movie's co-producer, was responsible for securing interviews with the world's most sought after authorities on new age thought and metaphysics. "We were blessed and divinely guided with our incredible guests. Some were friends, some were teachers. When we shared our vision they were all enthusiastic to contribute! she effused." *Article by local metaphysician and musician, Maesyn (www.myspace.com/maesyn)

  • 3 Magic Words movie claims it can change your life.

    This week I came across a film called 3 magic words. As a wilful toddler my 3 magic words were probably "Yes I can". As a romantic teenager they were "I love you". As a Mom they might be "Can I help?" As a seeking Spiritual Being they're more along the lines of "Who am I"? Fortunately you don't have to wonder for much longer because co-producers Michael Perlin and Maura Hoffman along with some amazing spiritual teachers promise to deliver the 3 magic words which will change your life and change the world. Michael Perlin's interest in such things started when he was involved with metaphysical studies. He noticed that there were similarities in the themes from spiritual teachers and cultures all around the world. At the same time there are so many different beliefs and ideas, therefore Michael's burning goal became to find a common theme and something simple that would bring everything together. He then came across ˜Three magic words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty" by Uell Stanley Anderson which contained the message he was looking for and set him on the path to making a film. The film took 4 years to make and from hours of fascinating mystical conversation, Perlin and Hoffman condensed the most important messages into an inspirational film. As with all things in life, it's up to you how you take the message; once you know they words they can be used to completely transform yourself, how you live on the planet and how you treat the planet and others on it. It can be an awakening experience if you choose. What I like about Perlin is his optimism. With 2012 on the horizon he knows people are expecting a change or shift and he believes that a few people having that in collective conciousness, along with the messages of his film can be enough to cause the 100th monkey phenomenon. Perlin is quick to point out you don't need any esoteric or spiritual beliefs to benefit from the film. Hoffman is one of the most uplifting and beautiful souls I have heard speak. "3 magic words" is her mission, a gift from her heart to the world. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it was due to her relationships with many incredible spiritual authors and teachers to bring their insight and wisdom to the film that bought everything together. As she points out it's the essence of what they bring, not what they say, that makes the film what it is. Hoffman reminds us that this film isn't just a talking film, it's an experience and she invites you to ask yourself who you really are and to look at your purpose here. It's an opportunity for you to take a look at your own life and to decide who you truly are and who you want to be. Perlin promises that if you have any worries in your life, once you've watched this you'll be taken beyond your ego where your problems no longer exist. The film delivers evolutionary awakenings, phenomenal music and beautiful cinematography to inspire and awaken whatever truth is emerging from within you.

  • This film shouldn't be missed by anyone.

    I was recently honored with a screening of the new documentary 3 Magic Words. This is something that I had been waiting for since I first saw the trailer. I was very excited to be able to see the film and frankly, I was not disappointed by any means. The new film, by Michael Perlin, is brought to us by Starseed Films and features some of the spiritual communities greatest names including Kute Blackson and Amoraea Dreamseed among other favorites and is currently available for screening in theaters around the country and world, and is also available for screening online. What becomes apparent in the trailer is that there are 3 magic words that will change your life. Perlin invited a slew of gurus and teachers in the field of spirituality to discuss the basics of discovering yourself and who you truly are and what the three words are that can change everything. The 71 minute film offers a beginners guide to self discovery and a philosophy that has become a widely held belief and is even evidenced in many of the sought after spiritual texts of the world. It does this while following a self destructive young woman who has recently awoke from a coma and doesn't know who she is, and the process of that journey. The visual journey Perlin takes you on is also a beautiful and serene setting with almost fantasy like backgrounds and visuals and is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. The very act of watching the film is comparable to a relaxing meditation session being guided by some of the wisest beings in the world. No matter what kind of mood you're in before watching the film, you'll be magically transported into a whimsical place that will facilitate the process of higher frequency thoughts and intentions. While it seems the film's message was intended for beginners on the spiritual self discovery path, there is still much wisdom from such great minds that its still a good film for viewers who are more advanced on their journey. Films of this type always seem to inspire the philosopher inside of us and 3 Magic Words does that in the span of your lunchbreak at work, or the bus ride home, an intelligent move on Perlin's part to make this an even simpler film to watch for those periods of the day we need to segment our intentions and readjust our thought process after the negative energy we've encountered throughout the day. Overall, this is a film that shouldn't be missed by anyone at any spiritual level. The attention to detail, knowledge and wisdom the film offers should be appreciated and its easy to see how much of his heart and soul Michael Perlin put into the film. Whether online, in the theater or when it is released on DVD, put this on your must see list. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised as well. by ParaNikki